Sentence Examples

  • In The Calendar, Table Iv., Look For April, And The Epact 28 Is Found Opposite The Second Day.
  • Epact Is A Word Of Greek Origin, Employed In The Calendar To Signify The Moon'S Age At The Beginning Of The Year.
  • Another Addition Of Eleven Gives Thirty Three For The Epact Of The Fourth Year; But In Consequence Of The Insertion Of The Intercalary Month In Each Third Year Of The Lunar Cycle, This Epact Is Reduced To Three.
  • In Like Manner The Epacts Of All The Following Years Of The Cycle Are Obtained By Successively Adding Eleven To The Epact Of The Former Year, And Rejecting Thirty As Often As The Sum Exceeds That Number.
  • They Are Therefore Connected With The Golden Numbers By The Formula (I), In Which N Is Any Whole Number; Andor A Whole Lunar Cycle (Supposing The First Epact To Be 11), They Are As Follows: 11, 22, 3, 14, 25, 6, 17, 28, 9, 20, I, 12, 23, 4, 15, 26, 7, 18, 29.

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