Sentence Examples

  • Changes of entropy must be calculated in terms of quantities of heat, and must be interpreted in a similar manner.
  • In the special case of a substance isolated from external heat supply, dH=o, the change of entropy is zero in a reversible process, but must be positive if the process is not reversible.
  • If we write h=sot+dh, where so is a selected constant value of the specific heat of the liquid, and dh represents the difference of the actual value of h at t from the ideal value sot, and if we similarly write q5 = sologe(6/90)+dcp for the entropy of the liquid at t, where do represents the corresponding difference in the entropy (which is easily calculated from a table of values of h), it is shown by Callendar (Proc. R.S.
  • In practice, however, there is always some frictional dissipation, accompanied by an increase of entropy and by a fall of pressure.
  • The entropy tends to a maximum, and the state is one of stable equilibrium when the value of the entropy is the maximum value consistent with the conditions of the problem.