Sentence Examples

  • Pursuing their courses eastward the North and South Saskatchewan rivers unite in the Saskatchewan (Cree, rapid-flowing river), which finds its way to Lake Winnipeg, and thence by way of Nelson river to Hudson Bay.
  • Thus in Scotland the Cree and other streams enter Wigtown Bay; the Dee, Kirkcudbright Bay; Auchencairn Bay and Rough Firth receive numerous small streams, and the Nith discharges through a long estuary.
  • The Canada jay, or "whisky-jack" (the corruption probably of a Cree name), seems to be of a similar nature, but it presents a still more sombre coloration, its nestling plumage, 3 indeed, being thoroughly corvine in appearance and suggestive of its being a pristine form.
  • PEMMICAN, a North American Indian (Cree) word for a meat prepared in such a way as to contain the greatest amount of nourishment in the most compact form.