Sentence Examples

  • That according to which they were set up at Munich was in the main suggested by Cockerell; in the middle of each pediment was a figure of Athena, set well back, and a fallen warrior at her feet; on each side were standing spearmen, kneeling spearmen and bowmen, all facing towards the centre of the composition; the corners were filled with fallen warriors.
  • Cockerell, The Temples of Jupiter Panhellenius at Aegina, &'c. (London, 1860); Ch.
  • P. Cockerell, Mrs Sutherland Orr (his sister), Amy, Lady Coleridge, Mrs Stephen Ralli and (the finest of all) Sir Richard Burton, the traveller and Eastern scholar, which was exhibited in 1876 and is now in the National Portrait Gallery.
  • There, also, is the refined and spirited figure of "Cimabue" in mosaic. In Lyndhurst church are mural decorations to the memory of Mr Pepys Cockerell, illustrating "The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins."
  • Cockerell, including the plants of its shores, the insects which lived upon them, the fluctuations of its level, and many other characteristics of this extinct water body, now in the heart of the arid region of the Rocky Mountains.