Sentence Examples

  • While most breeders take care to make sure the kittens they produce in their cattery are healthy, you should be aware of any health issues prevalent in each breed and have the kitten checked for these issues by a veterinarian.
  • They also offer kittens in other related breeds.According to their website, Permese kittens are registered with the CFA, and the registry has honored them as a "Cattery of Excellence."
  • A cattery may present well in a top notch website, but you can't be sure of what you're getting or who you're dealing with unless you visit the breeder in person.
  • Also, since she grew back her fur when she was in the cattery, I have to wonder if something could be causing her stress in the home.
  • Ask the cattery owner when the best time is to see the kittens - when they are awake and active - and plan your visit accordingly.

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