Sentence Examples

  • If the child is being treated with beta blocker medications commonly used to treat high blood pressure, angina, thyroid disorders, migraines, or glaucoma, it may be difficult to reverse an anaphylactic reaction.
  • If it's a small business, try emailing the owner -- just be careful not to trip the spam blocker; a brief note, preferably from a provider other than Yahoo, Hotmail and other free services, is good.
  • Tetracyclines should not be used at the same time as neuromuscular blocking agents since the antibiotics can increase the strength of the neuromuscular blocker, which can make breathing difficult.
  • MP3 Raid - MP3 Raid is not nice to look at, and your pop up blocker will get a workout, but if you want to pay 15 cents or less for your Strokes MP3s, this is your place.
  • Even though you should always be taking virus protection precautions, be sure your protection is up to date and your pop up blocker is on before you start downloading.