Sentence Examples

  • Paphos owes its ancient fame to the cult of the "Paphian goddess" llacNaFavavaa, or 7) IIacaia, in inscriptions, or simply n 8ea), a nature-worship of the same type as the cults of Phoenician Astarte, maintained by a college of orgiastic ministers, practising sensual excess and self-mutilation.'
  • 105; see further Astarte, Aphrodite.
  • ASTARTE, a Semitic goddess whose name appears in the Bible as Ashtoreth.'
  • But it is probable that the horns were primarily ram's horns, 4 and that Astarte the moon-goddess is due to the influence of the Egyptian Isis 1 The vocalization suggests the Heb.
  • Astarte was introduced also into Egypt and had her temple at Memphis.