Sentence Examples

  • For those who live in a black box, the number 666 is a sign of the devil, and The Omen is the classic tale of Satan's son born into the mortal world to wreak bloody horrors on anyone who gets in his way.
  • As expected, The Omen: 666 is not suitable for young children or people who do not have a stomach for classic Scary Movies.
  • The study found the average verbal SAT score was 666, or about 160 points more than the national average.
  • National Down Syndrome Society. 666 Broadway, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10012-2317.
  • Practically the whole amount contributed towards the support of public local expenditure, and a considerable amount of that contributed to public national expenditure is based on the estimated annual value of the immovable property situated within the county of London, which in 1876 was £23,240,070; in 1886 £30,716,719; in 18 9 6 £35,793, 6 7 2; and in 1909 £44, 666, 6 5 1.