Sentence Examples

  • This form of neuralgia is occasionally the precursor of an attack of shingles (Herpes zoster) as well as a result of it.
  • At the extremity of Hymettus, where it projects into the Saronic Gulf, was the promontory of Zoster ("the Girdle"), which was so called because it girdles and protects the neighbouring harbour; but in consequence of the name, a legend was attached to it, to the effect that Latona had loosed her girdle there.
  • After the primary infection, it persists dormant in sensory nerve ganglia: it can be reactivated many decades later to cause zoster.
  • In rare cases, an unborn child exposed to varicella zoster can be damaged or may be miscarried.
  • Patients taking systemic steroids, who have not had chicken pox, should avoid close personal contact with chicken pox or herpes zoster.

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