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  • It is convenient to retain x, to denote x r /r!, so that we have the consistent notation xr =x r /r!, n (r) =n(r)/r!, n[r] =n[r]/r!.
  • The number of products such as x r, xr-3y3, x r-2 z 2,.
  • (ii.) Repeated divisions of (24) by x+x, r being replaced by rd I before each division, will give (I +xy 2 = I -25+3x2-4x3-F...+(- )r(r (I)xr + (-) r+l x r+1 1(r+ I) (I +5)- 1 + (1 + 5)-21, (I-Fx)-3=I - (3x-6x2 - IOx3+...+(-)r� 2l(r+I)(r+2)xr +(-) r+l x r+1 12 (r+I) (r+2) (' +x)-1+(r+I)(I - Fx) - 2 +(I +x)-3},&c.
  • Comparison with the table of binomial coefficients in � 43 suggests that, if m is any positive integer, (I +x)-m =Sr+Rr (25), where Sr=I -m[1]x+m[2]x2...+(-)rm[r]xr (26), Rr_(_)r+1xr+11m[r] (1Fx) - 1+(m - I[r](I+x) m) (27).
  • +(plq)(r)xr} 4 =1 +p(1)x+p(2)x2+...+p(r)xr +terms in xr+1, xr+2, x4r.

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