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  • Thus e1Xe1 = el, e 2 Xe 2 = - e l, e i X e 2 =e 2 X e 1 =e 2.
  • 67 c, select that in which the letters X and Y are so placed that (naming the apex of the triangle E) the lines XE and YE are the lines parallel to the two members of the same name in the frame (fig.
  • 13 C figure of the three lines YX, XE, EY in the frame, and represents the three forces in equilibrium at the point YXE of the frame.
  • The direction of YX, being a thrust upwards, shows the direction in which we must go round the triangle YXE to find the direction of the two other forces; doing this we find that the force XE must act down towards the point YXE, and the force EY away from the same point.
  • Putting arrows on the frame diagram to indicate the direction of the forces, we see that the member EY must pull and therefore act as a tie, and that the member XE must push and act as a strut.

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