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  • Ti Xe, far, and y6vos, offspring), the name now given to the hypothesis that offspring sometimes inherit characters from a previous mate of their dam.
  • Of knowledge they made use of " reason " (Xe yos), which was also one of their leading ethical conceptions.
  • Siace E2 + if + ~1, or ef, is necessarily an absolute invariant for all transformations of the (rectangular) co-ordinate axes, we infer that XE + un + v~ is also an absolute invariant.
  • If the origin of rectangular axes fixed in the lamina be shifted through a space whose projections on the original directions of the axes are X, u, and if the axes are simultaneously turned through an angle e, the coordinates of a point of the lamina, relative to the original axes, are changed from x, y to X+x cos ey sin e, u+x sin e+y cos e, or X + x ye, u + Xe + y, ultimately.
  • (8) If 0 be a point whose co-ordinates are (~, 1~), the moment of the couple when the forces are transferred to 0 as a new origin will be ~{(xE) Y(y~) X~.

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