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  • Frazer both explain Pasiphae's monstrous union as a sacred ceremony (iepos yap,os), at which the queen of Cnossus was wedded to a bull-formed god, just as the wife of the iip X wv lwnXein in Athens was wedded to Dionysus.
  • The word geography did not appear before Aristotle, Aristotle's the first use of it being in the llepi Kovp.wv, which is one of the writings doubtfully ascribed to him, and H.
  • Their name is variously derived from the building in Athens called Cynosarges, the earliest home of the school, and from the Greek word for a dog (Ki wv), in contemptuous allusion to the uncouth and aggressive manners adopted by the members of the school.
  • H.P. - (Were ?-W v r v)V ?2240WV ?2240WVa (22) 55 0 550 550G 550g where W e is weight of engine and tender in tons, Wv the weight of vehicles in tons, W the weight of train in tons =W e r e and r z, the respective engine and vehicle resistances taken from the curves fig.
  • It is based on Procopius, whose very words are to some extent copied, and indeed it adds nothing to what the latter tells us, except the statement that Tribonian was the son of Macedonianus, was lore) Suc. r yopwv uirap X wv, and was a heathen and atheist, wholly averse to the Christian faith.

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