Sentence Examples

  • Ladies Convertible Watch: Introduced in approximately 1915, the Convertible looked like a pocket watch but came with a bracelet which converted it into a wristwatch (wristlet watch for ladies) if the owner so desired.
  • Coach Straw Wristlet: An adorable addition to any classic ensemble, this wristlet shows just how glamorous straw can be - it's dressed up with brightly-colored metallic leather and a slinky gold chain strap.
  • So why blow the effort by throwing a heavy leather grandma bag over your shoulder when the gentle strap of a wristlet hanging off your forearm says, "I'm too free to be encumbered by the cares of the world."
  • And, with the glimmering aid of a Coach wristlet, he will ask for your name, because you look stylish, upscale, and the object dangling from your slender wrist makes you seem unattached yet, preoccupied.
  • It's 17 inches wide, 11 inches high, and 9 inches deep and offers short, knotted straps (except in the alligator style), a fold-over flap on top, a wristlet accent, and a hidden coin purse.

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