Sentence Examples

  • This travesty of democracy has shaken the loyalty of people who've been in the party for a long time.
  • After meeting another famous psychic, Lydia Car, who told John that his purpose was to teach people through his psychic abilities, he started to explore becoming a professional medium in order to help people who've lost loved ones.
  • While many people can easily name at least a handful of famous female "supermodels," they may have to think before naming some of the guys who've earned fame walking the runway or modeling a famous designer's briefs.
  • Though women who've recently given birth clamor to tone these muscles, men too will appreciate how tightening and strengthening their lower core will improve their entire strength and look of their abdominals.
  • Ultimately, the portrayed goal of the show is to share information from loved ones who've "crossed over" so that families can rest assured that their loved ones are okay and have gone to a better place.