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  • In 1238 Llewelyn, growing aged and infirm, summoned all his vassals to a conference at the famous Cistercian abbey of Strata Florida, whereat David, his son by the Princess Joan of England, was acknowledged his heir by all present.
  • 1298), to explain, who coolly said that he thought it expedient to wink at one knave cutting off another, " whereat the king smiled and bade him return into Ireland."
  • Sometimes a court for view of frankpledge, called in some places a mickleton, whereat the mayor or the bailiffs presided, was held for the whole borough; in other cases the borough was divided into wards, or into leets, each of which had its separate court.
  • Whereat Dositheus was so amazed that he said to him, " Art thou the Standing One?
  • Whereat the said Johnne, abashed, burst forth in most abundant tears and withdrew himself to his chamber," remaining there in "heaviness" for days, until he came forth resolved and prepared.

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