Sentence Examples

  • Nantucket's last whaler sailed in 1869.
  • In 1712 a Nantucket whaler, Christopher Hussey, blown out to sea, killed some sperm whales and thus introduced the sperm-oil industry and put an end to the period in which only driftand shoreor boat-whaling had been carried on - the shore fishery died out about 1760.
  • Across the ice, to seek help. He reached the shores of Siberia in 17 days, and travelling along the coast via Cape North, reached Emma Harbour, whence he crossed in a whaler to St.
  • AUCKLAND ISLANDS, a group in the Pacific Ocean, discovered in 1806 by Captain Briscoe, of the English whaler "Ocean," in 50° 24' S., 166° 7' E.
  • He had aboard his two ships, the " Lady Nelson " of 60 tons and the whaler " Albion " of 3 06 tons, three officials, a lance-corporal and seven privates of the New South Wales Corps, six free men and twenty-five convicts, together with an adequate supply of live stock, and landed at Risdon, near Hobart, where he was joined shortly afterwards by fifteen soldiers and forty-two convicts.