Sentence Examples

  • The Old Syriac, if we take the Sinaitic MS. as the purest form, compared in the same way, has a similar double series of interpolations and omissions, but neither the omissions nor the interpolations are the same in the Old Latin as in the Old Syriac. Such a line of research suggests that instead of being able, as WH thought, to set the Western against the Neutral text (the Alexandrian being merely a development of the latter), we must consider the problem as the comparison of at least three texts, a Western (geographically), an Eastern and the Neutral.
  • He summoned his legionaries,, and in wh p7 August crossed over to Calabria with xooo men.
  • Lessons of value may be learnt from the fate of similar work undertaken by the Cotton Supply Association, Suppl at on As= wh i ch was instituted in April 18 J 7.
  • Other races, wh i ch are not numerous, are Armenians, Greeks, Bulgars, Albanians and Italians.
  • Hort (commonly quoted as WH), the Cambridge scholars, supplied the deficiencies of Lachmann, and without giving up the advantages of his system, and its development by Tischendorf, brought back the study of the text of the New Testament to the methods of Griesbach.

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