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  • Allowed to return, he again fell under suspicion of having been concerned in the composition of two violent libels - one in Latin and one in French - called from their first words the Puero Regnante and the J'ai vu, was inveigled by a spy named Beauregard into a real or burlesque confession, and on the 16th of May 1717 was sent to the Bastille.
  • Of these Adams accepts as certainly genuine the 2nd, 6th, 5th, 3rd (7 books), 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 12th, and as " pretty confidently acknowledged as genuine, although the evidence in their favour is not so strong," the 1st, Loth and 13th, and, in addition, (14) On Ulcers (IIEpi EXKc v); (15) On Fistulae (IIEpi vu piyywv); (16) On Hemorrhoids (IIEpi aipoppot&e); (17) On the Sacred Disease (IIEpi iepi l s yob o- According to the sceptical and somewhat subjective criticism of Ermerins, the whole collection is to be regarded as spurious except Epidemics, books i.
  • First, the hardness (VU) should increase progressively as the soft ferrite and graphite are replaced by the glass-hard cementite.
  • Des Epikur (Halle, 1879), and Einleitende Bemerkungen vu einer Untersuchung -fiber den Werth der Naturphilos.
  • Roux, a celebrated French physiologist, dismissed his class without a lecture, saying "C'est asset, messieurs, vous avez vu Charles Bell."

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