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  • The chief character which distinguishes the Batrachians from the reptiles, leaving aside the metamorphoses, lies in the arrangement of the bones of the palate, where a large parasphenoid extends forwards as far or nearly as far as the vomers and widely separates the pterygoids.
  • In most of the former the palatines fuse with the vomers, whilst they remain distinct, unless entirely lost, in the latter.
  • Simultaneously on the vomers, the palatines, Rsvc, Lsvc, right the pterygoids and the parasphenoid in and left supesome of the Stegocephalia (Dawsonia, Seeleya, rior cavae.
  • Acanthostoma), on the vomers, palatines and Ta, Truncus arparasphenoid in many salamandrids (Pletho- teriosus.
  • Dontinae and Desmognathinae), on the vomers, Ao, Left aortic Pterygoids and parasphenoid (some Pelobates), arch.

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