Sentence Examples

  • Brimstone is easily burned without any extraneous help; indeed the only precaution required is to take care lest the heat produced by the burning sulphur should not volatilize part of it in the unburned state.
  • To understand the phenomena of the sun, we should reproduce them upon the earth; but this is clearly impossible since they take place at temperatures which volatilize all known substances.
  • As a class, the metallic bromides are solids at ordinary temperatures, which fuse readily and volatilize on heating.
  • The majority of the metallic chlorides are solids (stannic chloride, titanic chloride and antimony pentachloride are liquids) which readily volatilize on heating.
  • Of the simple compounds, only the fluoride is amenable to electrolysis in the fused state, since the chloride begins to volatilize below its melting-point, and the latter is only 5° below its boiling-point.

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