Sentence Examples

  • These provinces were administered, according to circumstances, by a praeses of senatorial rank, a legatus pro praetore, or a vir clarissimus consularis.
  • Cora (corona), lua (lu n a), pOr formerly peer (pon eve), comic go (canonicus), vir (venire), dOr, formerly door (dolorein), paco (palatium), saude (salutem), pego(pelagus).
  • Much of the responsibility for this injustice rested with Leibnitz, who would never recognize the incontestable greatness of one who was constantly his adversary, and whom he dismissed as "vir parum jurisconsultus et minime philosophus."
  • He aimed a further blow at Fustel's system by showing that the Frankish kings had never borne the Roman title of vir inluster, and that they could not therefore be considered as being in the first place Roman magistrates; and that in the royal diplomas the king issued his commands as rex Francorum and addressed his functionaries as viri inlustres.
  • Leibnitz speaks of Bacon as " divini ingenii vir," and, like several other German authors, classes him with Campanella; Huygens refers to his " bonnes methodes."

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