Sentence Examples

  • This page gives an overview of all articles in the 1911 Brittanica which are alphabetized under Vin to Vys.
  • With the exception of his description of the French Revolution, which was chiefly a political manifesto, all his early works refer to the middle ages - De La feodalite, des institutions de Saint Louis et de l'influence de la legislation de ce prince (1822); La Germanic au vin e et au ix' siecle, sa conversion au christianisme, et son introduction dans la societe civilisee de l'Europe occidentale (1834); Essai sur la formation territoriale et politique de la France depuis la fin du xi e siècle jusqu'et la fin du xv e (1836); all of these are rough sketches showing only the outlines of the subject.
  • " Ici " In C'Est Le Bon Y In Qui Danse Ici Can Be Nowhere Else But In Old France Le Bon Vin Alone Proves This.
  • In the Politics (E 10, 1312 b io), he mentions as now (vin)) Dion's expedition to Sicily which occurred in 357.
  • He brought his master the " vin de coucher " at night, and made his early refection ready for him in the morning.