Sentence Examples

  • Although the iron ranges in the north-east had been explored about 1860 and were known to contain a great wealth of ore, it was not until 1884 that mining was actually begun on the Vermilion Range.
  • It is in the Vermilion coal region, and clay for brick and tile is abundant in its vicinity.
  • Eight years later (1892) the much richer Mesabi Range, the most productive iron range in the world, was opened up; it soon surpassed the Vermilion in its output, and by 1902 the product was nearly ten times greater.
  • Minius; so named, it is said, from the minium or vermilion found in its bed).
  • Part of the state the Black, Vermilion and Huron rivers have their sources in swamps on the water-parting and flow directly to the lake through narrow valleys.