Sentence Examples

  • Reduction in size is due to A, Two vermiform nuclei in the emthe absence of cytoplasm, bryo sac; one approaching the eggwhich is in some cases so nucleus, the other uniting with the 11 ~ ~h ~h upper polar nucleus.
  • 25) - a vermiform podeiform Larva of larva, with soft, white, feebly-chitinized a Ground-Beetle cuticle and without either head-capsule (A epus marinus).
  • - Vermiform Larva (maggot) of House-fly (Musca domestica).
  • But in general we find that elaboration of imaginal structure is associated with degradation in the nature of the larva, cruciform and vermiform larvae being characteristic of the highest orders of the Hexapoda, so that unlikeness between parent and offspring has increased with the evolution of the class.
  • Larvae eruciform without thoracic legs, or vermiform without head-capsule.

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