Sentence Examples

  • When Clerk Maxwell pointed out the way to the common origin of optical and electrical phenomena, these equations naturally came to repose on an electric basis, the connexion having been first definitely exhibited by FitzGerald in 1878; and according as the independent variable was one or other of the vectors which represent electric force, magnetic force or electric polarity, they took the form appropriate to one or other of the elastic theories above mentioned.
  • He gave, in fact, the theory of what in Hamilton's system is called Composition of Vectors in one plane i.e.
  • In octonions the analogue of Hamilton's vector is localized to the extent of being confined to an indefinitely long axis parallel to itself, and is called a rotor; if p is a rotor then wp is parallel and equal to p, and, like Hamilton's vector, wp is not localized; wp is therefore called a vector, though it differs from Hamilton's vector in that the product of any two such vectors wp and coo- is zero because w 2 =o.
  • In modern language, forces are compounded by vector-addition; thus, if we draw in succession vectors ~--~
  • -, HK be vectors representing the given forces, the resultant will be given by AK.

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