Sentence Examples

  • How well a vasectomy reversal works depends on how long it has been since the vasectomy, how skilled the surgeon is, and whether the man has any other medical problems or fertility issues.
  • A vasectomy can be a very effective form of permanent birth control, but it is important for men who are considering this procedure to be aware of potential vasectomy side effects.
  • Undergoing a vasectomy does not interfere with a man's ability to achieve or maintain an erection and the procedure does not cause any loss of sensation or result in fewer orgasms.
  • While a man who has had a vasectomy has a very small chance of making a woman pregnant, his risk of contracting or spreading sexually transmitted diseases remains unchanged.
  • Most insurance programs include coverage for a vasectomy, although you will want to contact your health insurance provider to make sure the procedure will be covered.