Sentence Examples

  • This defeat is coupled by Tacitus with the disaster of Varus, but it was disgraceful rather than dangerous.
  • But Augustus, who was the first to give to Italy a definite political organization, carried the frontier to the river Varus or Var, a few miles west of Nice, and this river continued in modern times to be generally recognized as the boundary between France and Italy.
  • The ninth region comprised Liguria, extending along the seacoast from the Varus to the Macra, and inland as far as the river Padus, which constituted its northern boundary from its source in Mount Vesulus to its confluence with the Trebia just above Placentia.
  • Leaning on the elbow should be avoided as it is likely to cause varus angulation.
  • Clawing toes, high arch, varus hindfoot, some calf wasting.

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