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  • Five years after joing Starfleet she was commissioned as a lieutenant and assigned to the USS Enterprise serving as a nurse under the chief medical officer Dr. Leonard McCoy.
  • The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager introduced later ships such as the USS Excalibur, USS Berlin, USS Crazy Horse, USS Defiant and USS Voyager.
  • In fact, the USS Constitution, one of the first frigates ever commissioned by the U.S. Navy, still is crewed by sailors following the uniform regulations of 1815.
  • Some of the more popular ships throughout the series included the original USS Enterprise, USS Essex, USS Archon, USS Reliant, USS Excelsior and the USS Grissom.
  • They carry a snap together model from the Nemesis as well as highly detailed miniatures of the USS Enterprise or USS Voyager, complete with a stands.

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