Sentence Examples

  • Telegraphic communication with Europe is effected by cables laid along the Uruguayan and Brazilian coasts, and by the Brazilian land lines to connect with transatlantic cables from Pernambuco.
  • A provisional government was formed under Urquiza, and the Brazilian and Uruguayan troops withdrew.
  • Uruguayan wool is favourably regarded in foreign markets, on account of the clean state in which it is shipped, this being largely due to the natural conditions of the land and climate.
  • The receipts for the years specified were as follows, Uruguayan dollars being converted into sterling at the par value, 4.7 = £ 1: - 1 Estimate.
  • There is no Uruguayan gold coin in circulation, but the theoretical monetary unit is the gold peso national, weighing 1.697 grammes, .917 fine.

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