Sentence Examples

  • Is the ancient and common view; but even in the 15th century B.C. Jerusalem was known as Uru-salim.
  • NonSemitic: lugal Kengi (ki) Uru (ki) = sar mat Sumeri u Akkadi, " king of Sumer and Akkad," which appears to have meant simply "king of Babylonia."
  • In Semitic times Urra was pronounced Uri and confounded with uru, " ciiy "; as a geographical term, however, it was replaced by Akkadu (Akkad), the Semitic form of Agadewritten Akkattim in the Elamite inscriptions - the name of the elder Sargon's capital, which must have stood close to Sippara, if indeed it was not a quarter of Sippara itself.
  • The eighth successor of Ur-Nina was Uru-duggina, who was overthrown and his city captured by Lugal-zaggisi, the highpriest of Gis-ukh.
  • De Morgan, belonging to one of them, Manistusu, who like Lugal-zaggisi was a contemporary of Uru-duggina.

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