Sentence Examples

  • Uru-azagga, "the holy city," was also a title sometimes applied to Babylon as to other cities in Babylonia.
  • Whether SharruGI, Manishtusu and Remush (often called Uru-mush) really preceded, and to some extent anticipated, "Sargon" i.e.
  • 'AvaX uru oa bo rEpa: Analytica Posteriora: On demonstration, or demonstrative or scientific syllogism (hirobec u, rO Elktlkos 71-c0-T771.1.0PLKOS (7vXXoyLap)S).
  • When inscriptions of a Semitic ruler of Kish, whose name was written Uru-mu-ush, were first deciphered, there was a disposition to regard this as an ideographic form and to read phonetically Alu-usharshid (" he founded a city," with the omission of the name of the deity), but scholarly opinion finally accepted Urumu-ush (Urumush) as the correct designation.
  • The eighth successor of Ur-Nina was Uru-duggina, who was overthrown and his city captured by Lugal-zaggisi, the highpriest of Gis-ukh.

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