Sentence Examples

  • The New Church, formerly the church of St Ursula (14th century), is the burial place of the princes of Orange.
  • Altogether the gallery contains twenty rooms, one being assigned to the complete cycle of the "History of Saint Ursula," by Carpaccio; another to Giambellino and to the Celliniani; and a whole wall of a third being occupied by the famous Veronese, "11 Convito in casa di Levi."
  • The Ursula Berg (5563 ft.) ends the group of the Karawankas, which are continued by the Steiner Alps.
  • To the early part of the 15th century may be assigned also the legends of " St Francis " and of " St Ursula," and possibly the original of the Enek Pannonia megvitelerol, an historical " Song about the Conquest of Pannonia."
  • Ursula) are also in the Museo Civico.