Sentence Examples

  • Syria, especially Maudud and Aksunk-ur, amirs of Mosul.
  • And his son found at Hierakonpolis by Quibell with the copper lions discovered at Tell el `Obeid near Ur by Hall two years ago.
  • The lions of `Obeid date from about the Ur-Nina period of Babylonian history, i.e.
  • MARSUPIAL MOLE (Notoryctes typhlops), the "Ur-quamata" of the natives, an aberrant polyprotodont from central South Australia, constituting a family (Notoryctidae).
  • Olmosy Kdroly tandr ur, " Mr Professor Charles (lmosy "; and the possessive forms of the nouns, which are varied according to the number and person of the possessor and the number of the object in the following way: tollam, " my pen "; tollaim, " my pens "; tollad, " thy pen tollaid, thy pens tollunk, our pen tollaink, our pens," &c. There is no gender, not even a distinction between " he," " she," and " it," in the personal pronouns, and the declension is less developed than in Finnish.

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