Sentence Examples

  • The history of these websites are based on the culture of art communities, which are generally unstructured and unmoderated with a very strong believe in every person's freedom to express themselves.
  • Take the near neutral beige pink Wham bag, for example: the large, unstructured shape and long knotted leather zipper pull make it a perfect accompaniment to a pair of casual cords and t-shirt.
  • Interviews or verbal questionnaires for personality assessment may be structured with a specific series of questions or be unstructured, allowing the subject to direct the discussion.
  • While the beauty of gold eye shadow can transcend to a professional work environment, this color is always more appropriate in an unstructured and carefree setting.
  • However, most of the data comes from conversational analysis or relatively unstructured testing, and these children have not been followed until school age.