Sentence Examples

  • In other words, don't trust an unsolicited document received in the mail from a non-governmental agency that claims to have a rebate check waiting for you because this is probably a fraudulent claim.
  • Note that companies are under no obligation to use this list maintained by the Direct Marketing Association, so putting your name on the list may suppress some, but not all unsolicited mail.
  • When responding to a job advertisement or submitting an unsolicited employment inquiry to a company, you'll need to submit a copy of your resume, along with an appropriate cover letter.
  • There are two opinions regarding e-mail advertising, simply because someone may not want the message you're sending, it's considered spam, known as unsolicited contact or junk mail.
  • Credit card companies do not wait for people to apply of their own volition, so it is common for consumers to receive a wide variety of unsolicited credit card offers in the mail.