Sentence Examples

  • His sudden leap to the side unseated her, sending her out of the saddle and rolling off the trail.
  • The rest of his life calls for little notice except that at the time of the July Revolution of 1830, which unseated the elder branch of the Bourbons, he urged Louis Philippe, duke of Orleans, to take the throne offered to him by popular acclaim.
  • In 1876 he was again returned for Orthez, but was unseated, and then beaten.
  • He first made himself a name as a soldier at the tournament held at Rennes in 1338 to celebrate the marriage of Charles of Blois with Jeanne de Penthievre, at which he unseated the most famous competitors.
  • In 1835 he was unseated on petition, an& after standing unsuccessfully for Oldham he took to stumping England in favour of the new Radical doctrines of the day, and the use of physical force for their adoption.