Sentence Examples

  • No one can deny the general unscientific, uncritical nature of "medieval" thought.
  • How far the more serious claim is likely to be revived in connexion with the renewal of research into the "occult" sciences generally, it is still too early to speculate; and it has to be recognized that such a point of view is opposed to the generally established belief that astrology is either mere superstition or absolute imposture, and that its former vogue was due either to deception or to the tyranny of an unscientific environment.
  • It is true that some philologists deprecate as unscientific the comparison of myths which are found in languages not connected with each other.
  • But from these unscientific utterances to a philosophy of morals was a long process.
  • At the most it only presupposes a comparison with other versions, equally second-hand, but either less generally accepted or less in harmony with his own views of the situation; and in many cases the reasons he gives for his preference of one account over another are eminently unscientific. Livy's history, then, rests on no foundation of original research or even of careful verification.

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