Sentence Examples

  • These last two compounds are termed unsaturated, whereas ethane is saturated.
  • By this means a measure is obtained of the unsaturated fatty acids contained in an oil or fat.
  • It is an unsaturated compound, and on oxidation with potassium permanganate gives succinic acid.
  • This heat of formation, like that of most hydrocarbons, is comparatively small: the heat of formation of saturated hydrocarbons is always positive, but the heat of formation of unsaturated hydrocarbons is frequently negative.
  • According to this view, it is necessary to assume that, in all unsaturated compounds, two, or some even number of affinities are disengaged; and also that all elements which combine with an even number of monad atoms cannot combine with an odd number, and vice versa, - in other words, that the number of units of affinity active in the case of any given element must be always either an even or an odd number, and that it cannot be at one time an even and at another an odd number.