Sentence Examples

  • Caron Paris has a touch of a romantic story inside every bottle of fragrance and every jar of powder they produce, as many of the products were inspired by Daltroff's unrequited love to a young woman named Felicie Wanpouille.
  • With the exception of a few phrases, the song could even be interpreted as talking about unrequited love, and hoping that the one you're in love with will return your feelings for the holidays.
  • Nurse Chapel spends the original Star Trek suffering an unrequited crush on Spock, which is played mainly for pathos, although some laughs are had.
  • Teardrops on My Guitar: This song about unrequited teenage love became a favorite among teenage girls, who easily related to the song's emotions.
  • Sadly, the broken heart tattoo is common among people suffering from unrequited love or the loss of a loved one.