Sentence Examples

  • After his death, the Constable de Bourbon took command of them; they marched slowly down, aided by the marquis of Ferrara, and unopposed by the duke of Urbino, reached Rome, and took it by assault.
  • During his absence the general election of 1859 occurred, when he was returned unopposed for Rochdale.
  • While he was thrilled that Dean might now be running unopposed, he was positive Lydia had killed her boss.
  • He needed Jenn to help him plan how to track the hundreds of creatures on the earth with the power to do what they want, unopposed, except for him.
  • Wellesley began to land his troops, unopposed, near Figueira da Foz at the mouth of the Mondego; and the Spanish victory of Baylen having relieved Cadiz from danger, Spencer now joined him, and, without waiting for Moore the army, under 15,000 in all (which included some Portuguese)"with 18 guns, advanced towards Lisbon.