Sentence Examples

  • But, to use words in themselves unmeaning, as symbols by which to conduct and convey the complex intellectual processes in which mental conceptions are suggested, compared, combined, and even analysed, and new ones created - this is a faculty which is scarcely to be traced in any lower animal.
  • The course of nature is for him an unmeaning expression, unless it be referred to some author; and he therefore makes extensive use of the teleological method.
  • When they thwart the purpose which demanded them, they are false; when they are inapplicable they are unmeaning (A.
  • P. 550) mentions a willow-gall which provides no less than sixteen insects with food and protection; these are preyed upon by about eight others, so that alltogether some twenty-four insects, representing eight orders, are dependent for their existence on what to the common observer appears to be nothing but " an unmeaning mass of leaves."
  • Passing by these contentions as unmeaning or irrelevant and seeing nothing but irreconcilable contradiction between the conceptions of the world as immutable law and a self-determining subject pragmatism (q.v.) seeks other means of vindicating the reality of freedom.

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