Sentence Examples

  • In January 1822 it was decided in a family council, with the knowledge though not in the presence of Nicholas, that Constantine's petition to be relieved of the burden of the crown, for which he felt himself unfitted, should be granted.
  • In 1839 he met with an accident which resulted in permanent lameness, and unfitted him for active service.
  • But EbroIn was assassinated next year in the midst of his triumph, having like Fredegond been unable to do more than postpone for a quarter of a century the victory of the nobles and of Austrasia; for his successor, Berthar, was unfitted to carry on his work, having neither his gifts and energy nor the powerful personality of Pippin.
  • The esprit bourru by which he was at all times distinguished, and which he now displayed in his rather arrogant Excuse a Ariste, unfitted him for controversy, and it was of vital importance to him that he should not lose the outward marks of favour which Richelieu continued to show him.
  • That he was slow, and perhaps too tender-hearted, in handling armed masses for action may be admitted, and though admirable for defensive war and a safe strategist, he showed himself unfitted to take the highly essential initiative, both because of temperament and his habitual exaggeration of obstacles and opposing numbers.

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