Sentence Examples

  • In the middle of the 19th century O'Donovan and O'Curry collected a vast amount of undigested information about the early history of the island, but as yet J.
  • Thus, the mouth is central and turned away from the sea-floor; the animal does not seize its food by tentacles, limbs or jaws, neither does it move in search of it, but a series of ciliated grooves which radiate from the mouth sweep along currents of water, in the eddies of which minute food-particles are caught up and carried down into the gullet; the undigested food is driven out through an anus which is on the upper or oral side of the theca, but as far distant as practicable from the mouth and ciliated grooves.
  • We have thus an explanation of the occurrence of marsh gas and sulphuretted hydrogen in bogs, and it is highly probable that the existence of these gases in the intestines of herbivorous animals is due to similar putrefactive changes in the undigested cellulose remains.
  • (1869), containing much undigested information; and Maxime Formont, Le Mouvement poetique contemporain en Portugal, an able sketch; but the soundest review is due to Moniz Barreto, whose " Litteratura portugueza contemporanea " came out in the Revista de Portugal for July 1889.
  • 7) makes Chaos the original undigested, amorphous mass, into which the architect of the world introduces order and harmony, and from which individual forms are created.

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