Sentence Examples

  • "Consider your answer unchanged," I said.
  • Rhyn stood in the same place she'd left him, unchanged in any way.
  • If 127 parts of iodine, which is an almost black solid, and loo parts of mercury, which is a white liquid metal, be intimately mixed by rubbing them together in a mortar, the two substances wholly disappear, and we obtain instead a brilliant red powder quite unlike the iodine or the mercury; almost the only property that is unchanged is the weight.
  • - Teeth of Upper Jaw of Opossum (Didelphys marsupialis), all of which are unchanged, except the third premolar, the place of which is occupied in the young animal by a molariform tooth, represented in the figure below the line of the other teeth.
  • The azines are mostly yellow in colour, distil unchanged and are stable to oxidants.

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