Sentence Examples

  • The inhabitants call themselves Jagatais, a Turki race, though now generally mixed with Tajiks and speaking Persian.
  • They speak a marked Persian dialect, but a Turki idion closely akin to the Turkoman is still current amongst the tribes, although they have mostly already passed from the nomad to the settled state.
  • Of these tribes the most numerous are the Modaunlu, Khojehvand and Abdul Maleki, originally of Lek or Kurd stock, besides branches of the royal Afshar and Kajar tribes of Turki descent.
  • Kazak; plural, Kazaki, from the Turki quzzdq, " adventurer, free-booter "), the name given to considerable portions of the population of the Russian empire, endowed with certain special privileges, and bound in return to give military service, all at a certain age, under special conditions.
  • The Siberian Tatars are estimated (1895) at 80,000 of Turki stock and about 40,000 of mixed Finnic stock.

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