Sentence Examples

  • Premolars compressed, pointed; and the molars with quadrate tuberculated crowns.
  • The broad molars are either bluntly tuberculated or transversely ridged; the outer side of the hind part of the lower jaw has a deep pocket; and the hind-limbs are generally very long, with the structure of the foot similar to that of the bandicoots.
  • Lyrata, is a large tree, chiefly found on swampy land in the southern states; the lyrate leaves are dilated at the end; the globose acorns are nearly covered by the tuberculated cups.
  • Shell with numerous tuberculated whorls; aperture canaliculated anteriorly; short pallial siphon.
  • Bases of the rhinophores surrounded by a sheath; dorsal papillae tuberculated and club-shaped, in a single row on either side of the dorsum; no cnidosacs.

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