Sentence Examples

  • A current entering by the trunnion -}- B flows round the two halves of the circuit, as shown by the arrows, and comes out at the trunnion - B.
  • Owing to the conical shape of the early muzzle-loading guns, if one trunnion were higher than the other, the " line of metal " would no longer be in the same vertical plane as the axis; in consequence of this, if a gun with, say, one wheel higher than the other were layed by this line, the axis would point off the target to the side of the lower wheel.
  • A, Trunnion-ring.
  • The bearings for receiving these trunnions are V-shaped; the V on one side is fixed, while the other is cut through and can be narrowed or made wider, thus lifting or lowering the trunnion by means of two capstan-headed screws.
  • The verniers are attached to arms uu bearing on an enlargement of one trunnion of the telescope, one arm pro j ecting downwards and embracing a projection on the standard t.