Sentence Examples

  • From it are made (a) confectio sulphuris; (b) unguentum sulphuris; (c) sulphur praecipitatum, milk of sulphur (U.S.P.) which has a sub-preparation trochiscus sulphuris each lozenge containing 5 grs.
  • (i) Sodii carbonis, known as washing soda; this carbonate on heating yields sodii carbonis exsiccatus and sodii bicarbonas; from the latter is made trochiscus sodii bicarbonatis.
  • Trochiscus Potassii Chloratis, each containing 3 grs.
  • In io minims; (4) Trochiscus Mor- phinae, gr.
  • In each; (5) Trochiscus Morphinae et Ipecacuanhae, strength hgr.

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