Sentence Examples

  • Musically, Williams created a romantic counterpart to the onscreen action that included a musical recognition for fans of the original trilogy, which increased the believability of Anakin and Padme's love story.
  • From Goodfellas to The Godfather trilogy to The Sopranos, it seems like people can't get enough mob related viewing options, so it is no surprise that a mob family reality show is something that gets floated in many a development meeting.
  • First appearing in The Phantom Menace (Episode I, 1999), the character Padme Amidala is portrayed by Natalie Portman, a talented young stage and screen actress who went on to star in all three episodes of the trilogy.
  • KA: As I mentioned above, Brian and I are doing our own trilogy, Hellhole, but we will interweave those original novels with new Dune books -- at least two more under contract, The Throne of Dune and Leto of Dune''.
  • Her writing abilities, she told reporters, were now in the service of the lord, and in '05 she published the first book in a planned trilogy fictionalizing the life of Jesus, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt.