Sentence Examples

  • More recently the subdivision of the Linnean Neuroptera has been carried still further by the separation of the caddis-flies and scorpion-flies as distinct orders (Trichoptera and Mecaptera respectively), and by the withdrawal of the " Pseudo-neuroptera " from the Orthoptera - with whose typical families they have little in common - and their division into a number of small orders.
  • At the base of each wing projects a dorsal lobe - the jugumand the neuration is predominantly longitudinal, resembling so closely that of the lower Lepidoptera (q.v.) that a nearer relationship of the Trichoptera to that order than to any group of the old Linnean Neuroptera is certain.
  • Fossil Trichoptera occur in rocks of Liassic age.
  • Frequently the whole of the Trichoptera are included in a single family, but most special students of the order recognize seven families.
  • In all Trichoptera the maxillary palps of the female are fivesegmented.

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