Sentence Examples

  • For when a triangle "moves," the points do not move with it.
  • The district of Bugey occupies the triangle formed by the Rhone in the south-east of the department.
  • Its form is approximately that of an isosceles triangle, with the sharp angle extending into Lower California, W.
  • The Treaty of Trianon satisfied the most essential claims of Yugoslavia, by dividing the whole Banat (save a small Magyar triangle opposite the city of Szeged) between her and Rumania, and by assigning to her the whole Backa (except Baja and district), part of the Baranya (forming the angle between Drave and Danube) and the Medjumurje (between Drava and Mur).
  • For fuller discussion reference should be made to Geometry and Trigonometry, as well as to the articles dealing with particular figures, such as Triangle, Circle, &C.